About Us

Meet the founder of Olivia Rae Designs and discover our mission, core values, and community outreach efforts.


"I started the company because I wanted women to have access to affordable quality garments that fit their body shape. I noticed the impact and correlation that appearance had on perception and success, so I became the ‘equalizer.’ Leveling the playing field through fashion. My goal is to create eye catching pieces that are as unique as the women who wear them." -Olivia Rae Davis

Core Values



Innovative Design 



At age 14 Olivia Rae started Olivia Rae Designs by creating skirts for peers in high school. Today, Olivia Rae Designs creates custom garments for all women and produces garments specially made to fit the modern women. 

Olivia Rae Designs is fun, quirky, sophisticated and has a unique flare similar to the personality of the customer. We embrace unique prints and textures to give a new life to classic silhouettes. Our garments are made to embrace and accentuate the curves of the modern woman.

Building Community

The Olivia Rae Design Academy, a nonprofit sewing and entrepreneurship camp for children ages 8-14, is expected to start in the summer of 2020. We are very excited to uplift the youth of St. Louis.